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Here are the frequently asked questions. Please check this page for any common queries.

If you don’t find an answer here please feel free to contact us at

After Payment How Long Should I Wait For Access?

Access to the site is immediate after PayPal/Stripe verify your payment. You’ll get instant site access. If you cannot login immediately after your payment has been processed please email us at

The Private Facebook Group invitation and official welcome email will usually arrive within 24 hrs. We need to send the welcome email and Facebook invitation manually.


Can I Keep The Site’s Tools And Rigs After Leaving Subscription?

Yes, all downloadable files on the site including rigs, models and Zoo Tools Pro have no expiry.

However the download links will expire after leaving subscription, so save your files to safe locations. You may upgrade at any stage, or download new assets by rejoining the subscription at any time.

Zoo Tools Pro v1, our suite of tools/hotkeys and settings have a full commercial license. In the future Zoo Tools Pro v2 will have a non-commercial license, pricing will change when it comes out for commercial use.


Can I Cancel My $10 Subscription At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime, see the video below for instructions.

Your subscription will expire at the end of your billing cycle. So if you were to sign up and cancel immediately, you would still get access for one full month.

You can cancel, resubscribe or change payment details under “My Account” once you’ve logged in.


Can I Access My Subscription After Cancellation

Once cancelled, you still have one month from the date of your last payment to download the tools and assets and enjoy the tutorials. After that time your access to the video pages and download links will expire. Your account information is still accessible, so you can easily renew later with the same login and payment details.

The Private Facebook Group access does not expire.


Can I Buy Rigs/Zoo Tools Outright? rigs come with any site purchase, so the cheapest way to buy the rig is to buy a monthly subscription and cancel straight away. Zoo Tools v1 is also free with any subscription purchase.

1. Downloadable rigs/other assets and Zoo Tools Pro have no time limit, so just don’t lose your files!
2. You can join and cancel your subscription straight away (video instructions for canceling the subscription is (above).
3. You’ll still get full site access for one month, and you can download all site content
4. If you wish to receive updates in the future, you will need to resubscribe temporarily to download new updates.


What’s The Private Facebook Group?

The Private Facebook group is for all Create 3d Character customers. Post your work for review or ask questions here. All site updates will be posted there as well.

The Facebook group is an excellent community of people who care about 3d. The group is full of people dedicated to this craft.

How Can I Access The Private Group Once I’ve Purchased?

After purchasing, you’ll receive an email inviting you to the Private Facebook Group. Expect this within 24hrs. If you do not receive this email, please email


Are There Examples Of Your Training Material?

We have free pages will give you an idea of the quality of tutorials here. We edit the tutorials, and they are to the point, the videos come with notes, timestamp information, hotkey and menu items for every video. We’ve designed the site so you can browse and retrieve information efficiently.

Example free pages are…

Maya: Renderer Quickstart – Arnold Redshift and Renderman
ZBrush For Maya Users Block
ZBrush For Maya Users Sculpt

We also have an older page covering the Graph Editor Class too. We’ll be releasing more free classes in the future.

What Files Can I Download?

As a Subscriber, you get download access immediately to all files in the subscription area; this includes Croc Rig, Zanzi Rig, Zoo Tools, C3dC Preferences and files for each page. These files are found on the pages listed here

What’s Next?

We are almost out of the first stage of the site. We’re working hard on Zoo Tools Pro v2 and more advanced tutorials.

What Should My Skill Level Be For The Current Courses?

You should have some current 3d experience to find the courses useful.

The “Generalist Intermediate Course” is not designed for total beginners. Your 3d experience doesn’t have to be in Maya; any 3d experience will do, it can be basic or in another package. You may need a more beginner course if you’ve never used a 3d program before.

Our “Generalist Advanced Course” is aimed towards professionals, those who are already working in the industry. Advanced university students may find this course useful or anyone looking to push their skills forwards or who are curious about professional workflows.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from pros letting us know that the intermediate material has been great too. Particularly those wanting to retrain in a new area, or update skills in an area they may have covered previously.

Are Private Lessons Available?

Yes, Andrew’s teaching online private courses email for more information. You can see student work seen on the main page video. Lessons are roughly $85USD per hour, and we’ve found students have best results with one hr class every two weeks.


What’s The Difference Between The “Buy” Package Courses And The $10 “Subscription”?

The Buy option has no expiry date, and the videos are downloadable.

We’re streaming through Vimeo. If you can watch Vimeo video you will be able to see our videos. The site’ is mobile friendly, though watching HD tutorials on the phone can be difficult. The videos and page layouts work well on tablets too.


I’ve Forgotten My Password, And I Can’t Retrieve It?

Retrieving your password is easy. Simply click here and type your email as the username. You must use the email you used when you first signed up.

A link will be sent to you in a couple of minutes, check your spam inbox in case of filters!

Once you have the link you must use a secure password; weak passwords won’t work, please double check that.


I’ve Received No Confirmation Emails After Purchase?

You should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes of purchase. Please check your spam filters if not.

If you still have not received your confirmation please can email Sometimes we’ve had people just make typing mistakes with their original emails etc and other rare bugs. If so it’s our priority to fix any issues quickly.


What Are The C3dC Prefs?

The C3dC (Create 3d Characters) Preferences, now merged with “Zoo Tools Pro” is our suite of Maya tools, preferences and hotkeys that will give you access to additional Maya functionality; you’ll get Zoo Tools v1 free with any purchase. These tools are designed to give you access to the functionality of a medium sized studio. Maya is heavily customizable and few professionals use it out of the box (Vanilla Maya).

We teach from Zoo Tools Pro as the teaching is much more efficient. Many of training methods rely on these scripts for fast workflows.

You can switch between our hotkeys and the defaults, you can also use these hotkeys on the job too. Zoo Tools will become a paid product in version 2 (free non-commercial), in the v1 phase it has a full commercial license.

More information here .


Do You Teach In Depth Rigging?

Most people like our rigging tutorials, there are plans for more rigging tutorials. The site doesn’t teach manual rigging in much depth at this stage.

The current course teaches the auto-rigger from Zoo Tools Pro v1, and those tools come free with any purchase. It’s game engine friendly, though we don’t train exporting. Zoo Tools has a fabulous integrated set of animation/rigging tools that we love and come with the course. We’ve also used this rigging system for professional jobs.

Currently, our rigger is a simple, lightweight, fast biped rig that’s super easy to build and re-rig. We’re limiting our training to bipeds for now. Until our new rigger in Zoo Tools 2 is released. We are very excited about this product.

For a full-featured auto-rigger, we like rapid Rig Modular $90, and Advanced Skeleton is also good, also MGear! Our animation tutorials are rig agnostic (will work for any rigging system) though Andrew demo’s the animation on the Zoo Tools rig.

What Is Zoo Tools Pro?

Zoo Tools Pro is a complete set of Maya tools first created by Hamish McKenzie. Hamish has now left the industry and we’ve taken over the tools and the newer rigging framework. David Sparrow the new lead developer, and we are in the process of completely rewriting it from scratch. It comes with a modular auto rigger and a full suite of animation tools and clip library, light presets, HDR browser and an asset browser too. Anong many other community Maya scripts and hotkeys.

The thoroughly tested aspects of Zoo Tools Pro v1 are taught in the tutorials.


For any further information, please contact

– Andrew