This page contains solutions to common inquiries. For more information, please reach out to us at info@create3dcharacters.com.


After Payment How Long Should I Wait For Access?


As soon as PayPal/Stripe confirms your payment, you will be granted immediate access to the site. This will allow you to instantly view the tutorials and download all files.


Can I Keep Tools/Rigs After Leaving Subscription?


All downloadable files available on the site, such as rigs, models, and Zoo Tools Pro, do not have any expiry dates.

Please ensure that you save your files to secure locations, as the download links will expire upon leaving the subscription.

You can upgrade at any point by rejoining the subscription any time.

Zoo Tools Pro 2, comes with a full commercial license and may be utilized at both home and work/school for single users.


What Is The Price Of A Company Site License?


Zoo Tools and our training is used many companies and schools all over the world, if you represent a company or school, please send us an email, as we offer discounts.



Can I Cancel My $10 Subscription At Any Time?


You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time. Your subscription will end at the conclusion of your billing cycle.

If you sign up and cancel your subscription right away, you will still have access for one month.


How Can I Cancel My Subscription?


See the Subscription Page for full details on how to subscribe and resubscribe.


If I Re-Signup After Cancelling, Do I need to Pay The $40 Signup Price Again?


After signing up for $40, you won’t be charged anything else if you cancel immediately.

You can re-subscribe at any time for $10 per month.

See the Subscription Page for full details.


Can I Access My Subscription After Cancellation


You will have one month from the date of your last payment to download the tools, assets, and tutorials once you cancel your subscription.

After that, your access to the video pages and download links will expire.

If you cancel your subscription, your account information will remain accessible.

You can easily renew your subscription later using the same login and payment details, and the cost will be $10 without the initial $40 fee.


I’ve Paid, But I Cannot Access The Content


Within a few minutes of your purchase, you should receive a confirmation email.

If you don’t receive it, try the following steps:

1. Don’t worry about the “Processing” message in your member area; it’s normal for a subscription site like ours. Just navigate to a page, and you should be able to access it.

2. If you’re having trouble browsing create3dcharacters.com, try using a different browser. Certain web plugins, especially VPN plugins, can cause our security to be triggered, making it seem like you’re not browsing our page. Disable any web plugins that could be causing issues with the website domain names.

3. Double-check that you entered the right email address when signing up, as some customers have made mistakes on sign-up. Feel free to contact us via email for verification.

Still problems? Contact us on info@create3dcharacters.com.


A Video Has An Error On A Page


All of our videos are streamed through Vimeo.com.

On occasion, a video may not load properly, but refreshing the page should resolve any video-embed problems.


Are There Examples Of Your Training Material?


An example of free content can be viewed here:

Maya: Renderer Quickstart – Arnold Redshift and Renderman

ZBrush For Maya Users Block

ZBrush For Maya Users Sculpt


Can I Buy Rigs/Zoo Tools Outright?


To buy Zoo Tools Pro and all rigs, you can subscribe for one month and immediately unsubscribe.

Backup your installation and asset files as the download links expire with the subscription.

You will also receive one month of full training.


Do you support V-Ray?


Our shader tools now include V-Ray, as well as a few lighting tools.

For a full list of V-Ray supported tools please see this Google Spreadsheet .


Community Groups


To become part of our vibrant community, check out our Discord Channel channel. We also offer a Private Facebook Group .


What Should My Skill Level Be For The Current Courses?


Our training courses are not currently geared towards absolute beginners. To get the most out of them, you’ll need some prior 3D experience.

This experience doesn’t have to be in Maya; it could be basic or come from another software package.

If you’re completely new to 3D, you may require a more introductory course. We’ve received lots of feedback from professionals seeking to upgrade their skills, retrain in a new area, or refresh previously acquired knowledge.


Are Private Lessons Available?


Yes, Andrew does offer private mentoring courses.

Email info@create3dcharacters.com for more information.

Lessons are priced at approximately $85USD per hour, and we’ve found that students have the most success with one hour-long class every two weeks.


I’ve Forgotten My Password, And I Can’t Retrieve It?


If you need to reset your password, click here .

Please give the email some time to arrive. Additionally, check your spam folder in case it was flagged as spam. When you have the link, choose a strong password, as weak ones aren’t supported.


I’ve Received No Confirmation Emails After Purchase?


Once you’ve made your purchase, you should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes. If you don’t, please take a moment to check your spam filters.

If you still haven’t received your confirmation, please send an email to info@create3dcharacters.com.




For any further information, please contact, info@create3dcharacters.com

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