Manual Rigging Fundamentals

Course: Manual Rigging

The most basic of Maya rigs a good place to start when learning animation. Super simple FK with IK legs. (1hr)
Skinning Fundamentals in Maya covering assigning weights, painting and the component editor. (1hr 03mins)
Joints the most fundamental node in rigging is a good one to understand completely. Pivot placement and alignment information. (1hr 03mins)
Euler/Gimbal rotations, we’ll take a close look and find solutions to this annoying yet unavoidable part of rigging . (1hr)
Curve Controls for easier animation in Maya. This is a key part to most Maya rigs and it’s good to know how to build them easily. (1hr)
The channel box gives us a lot of power in rigging, here we’ll learn how to create and modify attributes. (1hr)
Spine IK allows us to control joints by clsuters on curves, a great starting point for ropes, tails, ponytails and spines. (1hr 03mins)
Build a production ready simple rig in this class, with all the stripped down basics that you’d find in any base production rig. (1hr)
Nodes are the key to understanding Maya. And we’ll also cover aims and IK switching. Go under the hood with this class. (1hr 03mins)
Blendshapes the artists best friend, warps a mesh into any shape and animate, great for deformation and expression. (1hr)
Corrective blendshape workflow basics here in this old page which covers some good content related to how correctives work in Maya. (1hr)
A short old page on pose space defomration and some information about various autorigging solutions. (1hr)

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