Generalist Intermediate

Course: Character Generalist

The C3dC Maya 2016 Prefs are the hotkeys/scripts and default prefs that we use here at C3dC. Everything’s setup and ready to go. (10 mins)
Blocking characters in Maya gives an overview of how to breakdown objects into simple volumes using primitives. Learn how to block characters in 1 hr. (Part 1 of 2) (30mins)
Ojects and components, the most fundamental polygon modeling concepts are explored in depth on this page. (1hr 17mins)
Maya’s Polygon tools are covered on this page, cut, merge, mirror, extrude, quad draw and more. (1hr 03mins)
Box Modeling and Primitive Blocking are explored in this Maya Polygon foundational page. Learn how to build this man with two different methods.
(1hr 30mins)
Joining polygon objects in Maya takes us through connecting two separate objects and making them one in subdivision surfaces. We cover some topology theory too. (1hr)
Full character time-lapse with commentary, going through all the techniques we’ve learned so far to complete a finished character. Rig ready. (46mins)
Clean bug free models for rigging and exporting, Symmetry, nonmanifold, interior vertex, bugs, normals among various other topics are explained. (35mins)
The fundamentals of UVs in Maya. Unwrapping with projections automatic unfold. Unwrap workflows and UV editor information here. (1hr 09mins)
Custom Controls demonstrates how to add lightweight fk controls to rigs and add follicles to parent via mesh vertices. (57min)
Create a ZooTools Biped Rig fast with this biped proxy setup that lets you build and rebuild the rig effortlessly. (1hr 08mins)
Building Custom FK Controls for ZooTools rigs here on this page for appendages like, tails, hair, clothes face and more. (35mins)
Foundations Of Skinning in Maya. We’ll learn about the component editor, paint weights tool. Assigning weights and scripted tools like Skin Wrangler and Smooth Skinning plugins too. (42 mins)
Skinning Class Two goes deeper into skinning. Locking wieghts, vertex masks, mirroring, post normalisation, transfering skin weights are all covered here. (24 mins)
Skinning Zanzi covers the skin weighting with a timelapse. More notes and videos to come breaking down the process. For now please see the complete timelapse without sound. (25 mins)
The Drag and Drop face rig which is a more advanced version of the realistic eye setup and triple jaw. Simply drag it onto your scene. (beta class) (1hr 3mins)
Eyelash and eyebrows can be tricky areas to rig, so here we’ll cover a whole lesson using follicles/constraints to solve issues. (beta class) (52mins)
For facial blendshapes we can’t go past the SHAPES toolset. This class explores the face combos, correctives and more. (beta class) (1hr 38mins)
Viewport 2.0 lighting is great for instant renders and it’s getting better with each release in Maya. Learn about some character light setups for animation, rigging demos, games and previs. (49 mins)
The Fundamenals Of Viewport 2.0 Shaders starts here. We’ll look at a few shaders and cover attributes like diffuse color, specular, translucency, tranparency and even fresnel reflections. (40 mins)
Ramp and Layered Shaders in Viewport 2.0 explores two powerful viewport shaders. Ramps are used for effects like fire, xray, skin velvet and fresnel reflections. Layered Shaders combine multiple shaders in one. (31mins)
This first texture page takes us through the texturing workflow of three packages, Maya, Mudbox and Photoshop and the way to use all three packages strengths for textures. (1hr11mins)
Rig Referencing on a simple example and then we’ll go through a Skeleton Builder rig reference. Very important short class before moving onto animation here. (30 mins)
Animation Fundamentals covers the basics of key framing in Maya in the timeslider. We’ll discover the major tools and animate a Snow Man Jump with squash and stretch. (1hr 06mins)
Selection Set and Pose Workflow covers handy scripted tools like ZooTools selection Set Marking menu and the Make Hold hotkey. These tools will speed up our workflow. (43mins)
Blocking Run Cycles is a page for starting run cycles before entering the graph editor. This page simplifies runs and uses a Richard Williams run as our starting ref. (part 1/3) (48mins)
Maya Graph Editor Fundamentals covers all the main graph editor functions, tangent types, move/scale/copy, and many other graph editor tools. (55mins)
Tweaking a run cycle for hips/feet and spine is the second part of a three part class on run cycles. We’ll also explore reference footage frame by frame. (part 2/3) (56mins)
Run Cycle Part 3/3 finishes the arm and spine and moves onto the polish phase. Again we’ll be in the graph editor and research reference. (46mins)

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