Zoo Tools

Bundle: Zoo Tools

1. ZooTools Overview (1hr 50mins)

Zoo Tools is a powerful set of animation and rigging tools. ZooTools comes with a Auto Rigger, Anim Pose Library, Skinning Tools, Dynamics and Mirroring Functionality, Space Switching among much much more. Zoo Tools is a commercial rigging and animation tools solution perfect for small companies and individuals, it can also be modded and is raw and acceessible in python for TDs.

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2. ZooTools Biped Proxy Rig (1hr 08mins)

Create this fantastically lightweight biped rig fast with this proxy setup that builds ZooTools rigs effortlessly. Easy joint placement, rig rebuild, curve control setup and customisation. The rig comes with full space switching capabilities and comes complete with trigger UI selector. And we’ll quickly cover skinning and customisation too.

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3. ZooTools Custom Controls (35mins)

Build custom controls with simple FK chains for assorted parts of your character like hair, face, clothes and other appendages. We’ll use the information from the custom controls page to quickly build controls manually and learn how we can easily parent them to the ZooTools rig.

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