brave rabbit’s SHAPES

Bundle: SHAPES 2.0

1. braverabbits SHAPES Fundamentals (1hr)

brave rabbit’s SHAPES plugin enables us to create and edit blendshapes fast with an amazing amount of control. But before we jump in the deep end it’s worth going over a few key aspects of this plugin, learning how to use some of the manual features so if things go wrong we can repair and fix our files. Best to watch this page first before beginning.

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2. braverabbits SHAPES Facial (1hr 38mins)

In this class we’ll explore blendshape facial setup with brave rabbit’s SHAPES 2.0 plugin that is a must have tool for blendshape facial setup. SHAPES makes it easy to do a lot of complicated tasks such as driven key correctives, sculpting shapes, tweaking and mirroring, editing renaming and managing all of our shapes. SHAPES 2.0 also goes much deeper but we’ll save those features for another class. SHAPES comes with a free personal learning edition so it’s easy to get started.

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3. SHAPES Body Correctives (1hr 36min)

This class will explore corrective blendshapes for deformation with the Braverabbit SHAPES 2.0 plugin. We’ll explore all sorts of correctives targeted at body deformation, with both automatic driven key setups and “pose space deformation” known in SHAPES as “weighted drivers”. We’ll also quickly cover “animation finaling” a technique that can be a lifesaver in jobs that need to get out the door fast. SHAPES has a free personal learning edition so you’ll be able to get started easily.

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