Auto Rig Body

Bundle: Auto Rig

Setup Rapid Rig Modular for bipeds ready for good deformation and use with a custom face rig. (1hr 50m)
Basics of Skinning in Maya covers all the foundational skinning tools in Maya. Setting skin weights, painting and the component editor. (1hr)
Skinning Advanced explores Maya’s preferred skinning workflows with scripted tools and it’s more complex skinning functionality. (1hr 01min)
Rebuilding RRM rigs frees up the rigger enabling us to tweak pivots and rig compents even after skinning and blends. (27min)
Custom Controls demonstrates how to add lightweight fk controls to rigs and add follicles to parent via mesh vertices. (57min)
SHAPES body correctives explores brave rabbits plugin to enable full control over deformation on bodies. (1hr 36min)
Reuse RRM skins to skin new charcaters quickly and efficiently. (25min)

Auto Rig Face

Bundle: Automatic Rigging

Triple Jaw Setup, a simple yet powerful way to rig the jaw and mouth. Designed for use with a blendshape system. (1hr 6mins)
Rig a suprisingly realistic eye setup using as few as 6 joints for the eye. Comes complete with eye follow and blinks.. (1hr 3mins)
The Drag and Drop face rig which is a more advanced version of the realistic eye setup and triple jaw. Simply drag it onto your scene. (1hr 3mins)
Eyelash and eyebrows can be tricky areas to rig, so here we’ll cover a whole lesson using follicles/constraints to solve issues. (52mins)
For blendshapes we can’t go past brave rabbits SHAPES toolset for all of our blendshape needs… combo’s, correctives and more. (1hr 38mins)

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