The Render Object Display is a simple UI that can batch set Render Stats settings easily for many geometry objects (NURBS or meshes).

The Render Stats settings allow objects to break rendering rules per object.

For example, you may not want an object to cast shadows, or you may like it to be invisible but still cast shadows.

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Maya’s Render Stats settings cannot be easily changed across multiple objects.

Render Stats are found in the Attribute Editor on mesh and NURBS nodes. The settings are annoying to find find and it is difficult to change the settings for multiple objects.




This easy-to-use UI sets Render Stats settings easily across multiple objects.

In the future, we’d like to add per-renderer settings. At this time, the tool affects default Maya settings only. Most renderers respect the default settings.




Toggle the checkbox to change and set the attribute values on the selected geometry.




Casts Shadows Checkbox
Sets whether the object/s will cast shadows in renders.

Receive Shadows Checkbox
Sets whether the object/s will receive shadows from other objects in renders.

Visible In Reflections Checkbox
Sets whether the object/s will be visible in the reflections on other objects.

Visible In Refractions Checkbox
Sets whether the object/s will be visible in the refractions of other objects.

Primary Visibility Checkbox
Sets whether object/s will be visible in renders; they will still cast shadows and emit global illumination.




Motion Blur Checkbox
Sets the geometry to have motion blur on or off. Also reuires motion blur to be turned on in the render settings.

Double Sided Checkbox
Sets if the object/s will be single sided or double sided while rendering.

Opposite Checkbox
If the geometry is single-sided then on will flip the side that is being displayed.

Hold Out Checkbox
If toggled on will set the geometry to receive shadows/reflections but will not be visible in renders.


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