Create your own shader library with our Maya Shaders tool. This browser saves and imports all shader types as .MA files.

Double-click to import a shader onto your geometry, you can also create and save your own shaders.

All renderers are supported.

This tool imports and then optionally applies the shader to selected geometry. Any shaders that Maya supports our tool does too.




Maya does not have a generic shader browser.




The Maya Shaders browser instantly imports shaders into a scene and allows you to create your own shader library.




1. Optionally select geometry in the scene.
2. Double-click to import/assign the shader into the scene.

If objects are selected, then the shader will be assigned on import.

Ctrl middle-click scroll to size the browser images.




1. Select geometry with a shader or a shader node directly.
2. Click the folder options icon (top right) a select a folder to save into.
3. Press Save Shader.
4. Change the name of the shader if desired and click Ok.

Note: The renderer type in this UI is only used for filtering by suffix names. The renderer dropdown is ignored while saving.




Folder Icon Button
Opens the folder options window. Create new folders with the plus icon and remove with minus icon.

Search Textbox
Type to search for shaders by name. Delete text to show all shaders.

Image Browser
Select the shader you’d like to import, double-click to import it.
Shaders will be assigned if any geometry is selected.

Import Button
Imports the selected shader into the current scene.
Shaders will be assigned if any geometry is selected.

Save Shader Button
Saves the selected shader or related shader to disk.

Browse Button
Browse the files on disk.

Renderer Dropdown Button
Change the renderer. This button filters file names by their suffix, and it will and hide other renderer types.
_maya, _arnold, _vray _redshift or _renderman.

The renderer does not affect importing or saving files.


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