The Match Bake and Anim tool is designed to transfer motion between multiple objects, including motion capture and everyday animation tasks.

It is a multi-constraint batcher that can quickly create multiple constraints between various objects, making it useful for rigging as well.

This tool comes in handy when objects have varied object space coordinates, and the animation cannot be directly copied between keyframed attributes.

The Match Bake and Anim tool can be used in several ways to simplify the animation process.

1. Constrain multiple objects to multiple other objects..
2. Transfer motion capture data between different animation rigs.
3. Quickly transfer animation between multiple objects.




The tool can transfer motion between objects using names, and it works with any rigging system, including the Hive Auto-Rigger .

We have included presets for transferring motion-capture and animation with the Hive Auto-Rigger.

In the future, we will add more options and the ability to save your own preset-mappings.

Included presets:

Hive Standard Biped (Zoo Tools Pro 2)
Hive Lightweight Biped (Zoo Tools Pro 2)
Hive UE Biped (Zoo Tools Pro 2)
Skeleton Builder (Zoo Tools Pro V1)
HIK (Maya)
Quick Rig (Maya)
Mixamo (Adobe)
Accurig/iClone (Reallusion)




If you want to move an animation or motion capture from a rig or skeleton, here’s how to do it:

1. Manually match your pose with the default pose of the mocap character/FBX skeleton.
2. Add the source type, from the dropdown menu Eg. HIK Jnts.
3. Add your character rig type from the target dropdown menu. Eg. Hive Biped Controls.
4. Tweak the name options if needed.
For example your character rig may be referenced with a namespace. Eg. Add Natalie: to the source namespace field.
5. Press Constrain to constrain the source to the target.
6. Press Bake to bake the animation onto the target, constraints will be removed automatically.

We will be releasing additional information, including videos, soon.

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