Graph Editor Toolbox is a collection of tools related to Maya’s Graph Editor.

We’ve also added new tools too not found in Maya.

Use this UI as a hotkey-trainer, the mouse-over tooltips show the Zoo hotkey for each tool.

(Video Tutorial coming soon)




Many of the main animation functions are hidden inside the Graph Editor’s menu items.

Some functionality is completely missing in Maya.




This UI puts all of your favorite Graph Editor tools in one neat, easy-to-find location, and adds new functions not found in Maya.




Click the buttons for each function and hover over the button for tooltip help.

The hotkeys are written on each tooltip, try to remember the hotkeys if you are using our hotkeys.

See the descriptions below for each tool.




Cycle Curves Dropdown and Button
Cycles the selected objects for both pre and post.
Zoo Hotkey: alt o (Regular Cycle)

Toggle Infinity Button
Toggles the infinity display in the graph editor.
Zoo Hotkey: shift i

Remove Cycle Button
Removes any cycling animation on the selected objects for both pre and post.
Zoo Hotkey: ctrl alt o

Snap Keys To Current Button
Snaps the selected graph keys to the current time.
Zoo Hotkey: ctrl alt a

Snap Whole Frames Button
Snaps the selected keys to whole frames.
Zoo Hotkey: shift alt o

Euler Filter
Euler Filter for de-tangling gimbal aligned curve rotations.
Zoo Hotkey: ctrl shift alt g

Sel Obj From FCurve
Select an object from a graph curve selection.
Zoo Hotkey: shift ctrl alt a

Time To Selected Key
Moves the time slider to the closest selected keyframe.
Zoo Hotkey: shift alt a

Insert Key Tool
Maya’s Insert Key Tool.
Inserts a keyframe at the current time without affecting graph curves.
Select animation curve/s, or will work on all keyed attributes.
Zoo & Maya Hotkey 1: i (hold) middle click drag on curve
Zoo & Maya Hotkey 2: alt i

Bake Playback Range
Bake animation for every frame on the selected objects.
Works on the playback range
Zoo Hotkey: shift alt b

Make Anim Hold
Make Animation Hold allows an animator to easily block poses without stepped keys.

Mode 1: Place the timeline between two keys and run. The first key will be copied to the second with flat tangents.

Mode 2: Place the time between two keys of the same value, with auto-key off adjust the object’s pose. Now run.
The new pose will be copied to the two keys either side of the current time.

Zoo Hotkey: alt a




Copy Keyframes
Copy Keyframes in the Graph Editor.
Zoo Hotkey: ctrl c

Paste Keyframes
Paste Keyframes in the Graph Editor.
Merge style paste mode.
Zoo Hotkey: ctrl v


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