General Animation Tools is the beginning of a more significant UI that will feature many animation tools.

At this stage we have only added the Change Rotation Order script.

Change Rotation Order is a cut down version by Morgan Loomis .

Please check out Morgan’s free suite of tools .

Morgan’s rotation order switcher has a couple more options than the one we have temporarily used here.

Change Rotation Order will change an animated object’s gimbal order while maintaining its orientation for each keyframe in the timeline.

For more information about gimbal-lock see this old video by Andrew .




Change Rotation Order is by Morgan Loomis and is contained in our package third_party_community repository which is for open-source code.

Change Rotation Order has an MIT licence.

You are welcome to redistribute the tool code with attribution from within the third_party_community package folder from inside Zoo Tools 2.

See the license information in the python modules there.

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