Modeling Zanzi

Maya Modeling: Character

In This Class You’ll Access…
This class ‘Modeling Zanzi’ covers the complete modeling of Zanzi to a final animation ready mesh. Compressing the 3:40hr total time down to a 40 min time-lapse with full commentary Andrew will slow the footage in the more interesting areas and explain the harder concepts in more detail. Combined with the previous lessons we should have a solid idea about how to model simple characters in Maya.


We’ll be using the C3dC hotkeys as per usual. And Part 1/4 is repeated from the “Blocking Characters” page.

The next sections will include difficult areas like, joining arms and legs, creating the mouth area, connecting fingers and detailing the wings.

One of the most popular pages here, enjoy watching Andrew create a full character with commentary over 46 mins.

Running Time: 46 mins
Software: Maya 2016
Instructor: Andrew Silke

Class Time: 46 mins

1. Blocking Zanzi With Primitive Modeling (16 mins)

1.1 – Blocking Zanzi (16 mins)

2. Modeling The Mouth and Joining The Hands (12 mins)

2.1 – Mouth And Hands (12 mins)

3. Tweaking And Joining The Arms And Legs (11 mins)

3.1 – Tweaks/Join Arms/Legs (11 mins)

4. Finishing And Creating Wing Structure (5:41 mins)

4.1 – Wings And Finishing (5:41 mins)
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