C3dC Maya 2017 Prefs

Maya: Preferences

In This Class You’ll Access…
The C3dC Hotkeys and Preferences allow you to work in Maya faster. They come out of deadline-driven production environments where 3d artists have to work efficiently. The prefs are verified by professionals and students alike and is one of the most valuable areas of the site. The C3dC Prefs form the basis for many of the tutorials.

This page is for Maya 2017, and you can grab the 2016 Preferences here .

2018 Prefs can be downloaded too and are currently in beta.

Using icons and marking menus for core Maya functions can be compared to typing emails using shelf buttons. It’s inefficient, and you’d never consider doing it in the real world! 3d professionals feel much the same here in Maya.

Maya is fully customizable in code, and these hotkeys cover the most used tools so you can work freely in Maya without having to know any programming.

The prefs come with numerous community scripts, and Zoo Tools Pro is it’s backbone. The scripts automate various tasks for the 3d generalist.

Mayas preferences control how the program can be customized. The C3dC Prefs add efficiency to your workflows through automation.

We’re not afraid to mod up Maya like you’d do in a professional environment so here’s a bunch of free scripts in the shelves that make work easier. When we’ve been unable to obtain rights to redistribute the scripts, our buttons will take you to the appropriate web link where you can download the tool with instructions for how to install. Almost all third party scripts are free.

Running Time: 58 mins
Software: Maya 2017
Instructor: Andrew Silke

Class Time: 58 mins

1. Installing The Free Student Version Of Maya (2:40 mins)

1.1 – Downloading Maya (1:35 mins)
1.2 – Updates For Fixing Bugs (1:05 mins)

2. Installing The C3dC Prefs (10 mins)

2.1 – Installing The Prefs (1:50 mins)
2.2 – Installing 3rd Party Scripts (3:14 mins)
2.3 – Plug In Loading (1:48 mins)
2.4 – Renderman Install (3:18 mins)

3. The C3dC Hotkeys (15 mins)

3.1 – Hotkey Overview (2:42 mins)
3.2 – Major Hotkey Changes (3:00 mins)
3.3 – Modelling Hotkey Overview (3:54 mins)
3.4 – Rigging Hotkey Overview (2:29 mins)
3.5 – Animation Hotkey Overview (3:40 mins)

4. The C3dC Shelf (14 mins)

4.1 – Poly Icons 1 (2:04 mins)
4.2 – Poly Icons 2 (2:32 mins)
4.3 – Anim Icons (2:23 mins)
4.4 – UDIM nCloth (48 sec)
4.5 – Camera Icon (1:43 mins)
4.6 – Trigger UI (1:06 mins)
4.7 – Shad Switch And Assort (1:39 mins)
4.8 – Attr Icon, Save (1:52 mins)

5. 2017 Shelf And Hotkey Updates (15 mins)

5.1 – Constraint MMenu Updates (1:25 mins)
5.2 – New Skin MM (4:24 mins)
5.3 – Easy Hotkey Switch (39 sec)
5.4 – Cam, Oct Hole (2:29 mins)
5.5 – Assorted Icons (1:54 mins)
5.6 – Rig Shelf Update (2:02 mins)
5.7 – Anim Changes (3:01 mins)

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