Selection Set And Pose Workflow

Maya: Animation, ZooTools

In This Class You’ll Access…
Learn the fastest animation workflow around with this class on zooTools and the make hold hotkey.

We’ll learn some easy tools then demonstrate how they can be used in a real animation example in this page which has gained the most positive feedback from students out of all pages in the Generalist Intermediate course.

Gain super fast selection of controls with selection set marking menus and hotkey functions, adjust animation poses without needing to be on actual keyframes in the timeline. This workflow forms the basis of fast animation for many pro animators on large feature films and in previs where fast animation is a priority.

Simple fast and easy to use this workflow is fully explained on this page and forms the basis for how we’ll be animating in future classes.

This page also explains why stepped keys are in many ways inferior to the hold workflow. Hold workflows avoids headaches that students face while transitioning from stepped to splined keys which is a big part of animation in Maya. Stepped block workflows produces undesirable results in students fresh to 3d animation.

So instead learn a simple more modern workflow for easily blocking pose to pose work flow that avoids splining issues and portaling problems here in this class.

Running Time: 43 mins
Software: Maya 2016
Instructor: Andrew Silke

Class Time: 43 mins

1. Workflow Overview (11 mins)

1.1 – Selection Set Overview (2:37 mins)
1.2 – Pose To Pose (1:42 mins)
1.3 – Stepped Key Problems (1:50 mins)
1.4 – Make Hold Overview (3:23 mins)
1.5 – Portaling Stepped Issues (1:53 mins)

2. Zoo Selection Sets (11 mins)

2.1 – Select Marking Menu (1:49 mins)
2.2 – Parent Set (1:49 mins)
2.3 – Set Control Window (4:19 mins)
2.4 – Default/Parent Set (3:41 mins)

3. Skeleton Builder Selection Sets (7:24 mins)

3.1 – Skeleton Builder Sets (1:31 mins)
3.2 – Skele Build Custom Sets (2:25 mins)
3.3 – Skele Build Face Sets (3:28 mins)

4. The Make Hold Hotkey (5:22 mins)

4.1 – Make Hold: Timeslider (1:10 mins)
4.2 – Make Hold: Graph (1:49 mins)
4.3 – Selected Curve Hold (2:23 mins)

5. Animation Demo: Putting It All Together (7:14 mins)

5.1 – Animation Demo (1:57 mins)
5.2 – Anim Modification (1:50 mins)
5.3 – Timing Organisation (3:27 mins)

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