Run Cycle: Arms And Polish (Part 3/3)

Maya: Animation Basics

In This Class You’ll Access…
Page 3 Run Cycles is the final page of this 3 part run cycle class. In this section we’ll continue to refine the cycle in the polish phase of animation. Most animation tutorials tend to briefly skip over the polish stage but you’ll see Andrew here on this page in some detail.

The polish pass is one of the most difficult areas for students to master and unfortunately it’s one of the most boring areas to watch too. But don’t be put off, this stage is very important. Be sure to watch how Andrew handles the final part of this cycle. In reality pro animators will spend days (sometimes weeks) polishing animation and this is the area that can become very time consuming and not particularly fun, but this is the process that creates quality.

It’s important to see the tiny details that Andrew points out here constantly referring back to reference and cross checking how the animation is progressing. The major improvements will be in the arms which we’ve saved for last. This class shows the often unseen part of animation and it’s important that students also go through this time consuming phase and understand how important it is in achieving quality results.

Running Time: 46 mins
Software: Maya 2016
Instructor: Andrew Silke

Class Time: 46 mins

1. Refining The Spine And Central Body (12 mins)

1.1 – Head Tracking (3:16 mins)
1.2 – Spine Adjustment (4:32 mins)
1.3 – Neck Tweaks (1:53 mins)
1.4 – Forwards Back Movement (2:47 mins)

2. Refining The Arms (11 mins)

2.1 – Arm Reference (1:20 mins)
2.2 – Fixing Arms (2:03 mins)
2.3 – Arm Pump (3:21 mins)
2.4 – Tweak Arm Pump (2:18 mins)
2.5 – Mirror Arm Anim (2:42 mins)

3. Hands And Fingers, Relaxing And Adding Details (8:16 mins)

3.1 – Hand Relax (2:52 mins)
3.2 – Mirror Wrist (1:21 mins)
3.3 – Wrist Polish (1:58 mins)
3.4 – Finger Animation (2:05 mins)

4. Polishing The Leg Animation (10 mins)

4.1 – Feet Relax (1:32 mins)
4.2 – leg Polish (3:47 mins)
4.3 – Feet Contacts (2:35 mins)
4.4 – Legs Together (1:19 mins)
4.5 – Knee Fix (1:01 mins)

5. Reviewing The Cycle (3:23 mins)

5.1 – Cycle Review (1:13 mins)
5.2 – Arm Offsets (1:17 mins)
5.3 – Conclusion (53 sec)

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