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What’s The Required Skill Level Of The Current Course?

You should have some existing 3d experience to find the courses useful. The current course is “Generalist Intermediate” and is not for total beginners. Your 3d experience doesn’t have to be in Maya, any 3d experience will do, it can be basic or in another package. If you’ve never touched a 3d program before you’ll probably need a more beginner course.

We’ve had a lot of feedback from pros letting us know that the material has been great for them as well. Particularly those wanting to retrain in a new area , or update skills in an are they may have covered previously. So the course is also helpful for those who may already be working too.


I’m A Pro Will I find It Useful?

Absolutely! You’ll probably browse the videos faster than a beginner and target on specific area’s you’re after. There’s comprehensive notes so you can skip through the videos quickly. You may want the site for less time until more advanced videos come along. Feel free to cancel anytime.


After Payment How Long Should I Wait For Access?

Access to the site is immediate after PayPal/Stripe verify your payment. You’ll get access straight away.

The private Facebook group you’ll have access within 24 hrs. We just have to add you manually to that group.


Can I Cancel My $10 Subscription At Any Time?

Yes you can cancel anytime, it’s easy and your subscription will be cancelled at the end of your billing cycle. So if you were to sign up and cancel immediately you’ll still have access for the full month.

You can cancel, or change payment details yourself at any time under My Account once logged in…


Can I Access My Subscription After Cancellation

You’ll have access to the site until the end of your billing cycle, so you’ll still receive access for the full month you’ve paid. After that point access to the video pages will stop. Your account information is still accessible so you can easily renew later.

You’ll still have full access to the Private Facebook Pages even after cancellation.


Can I Buy Rigs Outright? Rigs come with any site purchase, so the cheapest way to buy the rig is to buy a monthly subscription and cancel straight away.

1. Downloadable rigs have no time limit, so just don’t loose your files!
2. You can join and cancel your subscription straight away (video instructions for canceling subscription is (above).
3. You’ll still get full site access for 1 month and you can download all site content
4. If you wish to receive updates in the future you will need to resubscribe temporarily to download updates.


What’s The Private Facebook Group?

The Private Facebook group is a group for every Create 3d Character customer who’ve bought a product or subscription. Post your work for review or ask questions here.

How Can I Access The Private Group Once I’ve Purchased?

After purchase you’ll receive an email inviting you to the Private Facebook Group. Expect this within 24hrs. If you do not receive this email please email

What Is The Quality Of The Training Like?

See the free Graph Editor Class in Maya 2016 for an example of a typical course page. We’ll be releasing more free classes in the future.


What Files Can I Download?

As a Subscriber you can full download access immediately to all files in the subscription area. This includes the Zanzi Rig, C3dC Preferences and files for each page.

What’s Next?

The site is almost out of beta, we’re finishing the introduction videos, and adding notes to all pages. We’ve just updated the preferences for 2017 and are working hard on Zoo Tools the suite of tools for the site. Next will be the Natalie rig and we plan to keep releasing more free classes.

Then there’ll be more tutorials. These will depend on what the subscribers want in the Facebook Private groups. And What we think is appropriate for our students. Rigging/Lighting/Texturing/ZBrush etc is all coming.

Can I Get Private Lessons Online?

Yes, Andrew’s teaching online private courses email for more information. You can see student work seen on the main page video. Lessons are roughly $85USD per hour and we’ve found students have best results with one hr class every 2 weeks.


What’s The Difference Between The “Buy” Package Courses And The $10 “Subscription”?

The Buy option has no expiry date, and the videos can be downloaded.

We’re streaming through vimeo so if you can watch vimeo you’ll be able to watch subscription. The site’s mobile friendly though watching HD tutorials on the phone can be a problem. Works great on tablets too.


I’ve Forgotten My Password And I Can’t Retrieve It?

Retrieving your password is easy. Simply click here and type your email as the username. You must use the email you originally signed up on.

A link will be sent to you in a couple of minutes, check your spam inbox in case of filters!

Once you’ve the link you must use a strong password, weak passwords won’t work and the UI button can be confusing.


I’ve Recieved No Confirmation Emails After Purchase?

You should recieve a confirmation email within a few minutes of purchase. Please check your spam filters if not.

If you still have not recieved your confirmation please can email Sometimes we’ve had people simply make typing mistakes with their original emails etc. If so it can be fixed easily.


What Are The C3dC Prefs?

The C3dC (Create 3d Characters) Preferences are Maya preferences that give access to lots of additional Maya functionality, better hotkeys and workflow tools. Zoo Tools (prototype) is also included. The C3dC Prefs come free with the site Subscription.

We teach from these preferences as it’s much faster to work with these installed. Many workflows rely on certain scripts some which we’ve created, others which are freely available on the web.

You can easily switch between our hotkeys and the defaults, and these hotkeys can be used in professional environments. Zoo Tools will become a paid product in the future (free non commercial) but in prototype phase it’s free for commercial use too.

More information here .


Do You Teach In Depth Rigging?

Most people like our rigging tutorials, there’s plans for more rigging tutes. The current course teaches the autorigger from Zoo Tools by Hamish McKenzie free for non commercial use. And how to add to the rig with custom FK controls, simple hierarchical controls. It’s game engine friendly, though I don’t train exporting. We’ve found these to be very powerful and easy to use. Zoo Tools has a fabulous integrated set of animation/rigging tools that we love and come with the course. We’ve also used this rigging system on professional jobs.

Currently the rigger is a perfect simple lightweight fast biped rig. Super easy to build and re-rig. It is a modular rigger but currently has no complex rig parts, no complex squash stretch etc, so we’re limiting training to bipeds for now.

For a full squash stretch rig we like rapid Rig Modular $90 and Advanced Skeleton is also good, also MGear! The animation tutorials are rig agnostic (will work for any rig system) though Andrew demo’s the animation on the Zoo Tools rig.

What Is Zoo Tools?

Zoo Tools is a complete Rigging and Animation Toolset by Hamish McKenzie. Since Hamish has left the industry we’ve taking over the toolset and the newer rigging framework. It comes with a modular auto rigger and full suite of animation tools.

Zoo Tools Pro will become a sold product with free non commercial access, but in the current phase the toolset is in a prototype form. It comes with the C3dC Preferences and can be downloaded separately with Site Subscription.

The fully tested aspects of Zoo Tools are taught in the tutorials.


For any further information, please contact

– Andrew