The Entire 3d Character Pipeline: 35+ Hours Videos
Modelling | Rigging | Animation | Surfacing | Lighting
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Would you like to learn the feature film 3d pipeline or cover the software used most in todays games? The new era in 3d is here!

For the price of a coffee a week join us with our new monthly subscription. Our comprehensive library of short easy to follow videos cover modelling, rigging, UVs, shaders, lighting and animation. Start learning the full CG feature film pipeline today! No lock in contracts! Cancel anytime.

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Croc 2d Design by “James A. Castillo!”



This course covers the entire character pipeline teaching you modeling through to animation and lighting. Model your own characters, rig and start animating. Aimed at a university student level you’ll use Maya the software used to create most of today’s movies and games and other supporting software.

Designed for you to create your own work you’ll learn from first principles to understand the production pipeline that’ll have you job-ready. This isn’t about following instructions for a pre-built character, create your own work!

This is an intermediate level course, you should have some knowledge of 3d software. Perfect for transitioning from another 3d package, or use this course to brush up on your existing Maya skills.

Topics covered: Modelling, UVs, Texture, Viewport 2.0 Lighting, auto rigging, skinning, and animation.

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Instructor: Andrew Silke (Avatar, Gravity, Harry Potter)
Software: Maya (free PLE), Mudbox (free PLE), Photoshop (optional)

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FREE CLASS: ZBrush Blocking

Block this dragon in the course ZBrush for Maya users (Page 1/3). This course is for those with existing 3d knowledge who’re ready to to start to explore some of ZBrush’s impressive features.
Free Class Preview

FREE CLASS: ZBrush Sculpting

Sculpt the dragon in this part two of the course ZBrush for Maya users (Page 2/3). This course continues from the previous page and will have you complete the sculpt. Send the optimised model back to Maya.
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FREE CLASS: Graph Editor

Explore Maya’s function curves here in this comprehensive lesson covering each aspect of the Graph Editor in detail. Learn the animation editor as used by animators on todays biggest games and films.
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The best tutorials ever! I never expected that maya tutorials could be this clear, this inspiring, this creative, this fun and informative.  While I am having fun and feeling awe, watching tutorials, I am learning so much. It’s impossible not to learn, improve and be inspired. The tutorials make me feel that maya is not so difficult, perhaps even easy.


As a hobbyist filmmaker wanting to understand the various elements this course was exactly what I was looking for. It’s short, sweet and to the point with the aid of a first-class teacher at the price of a large coffee once a month. Even veterans in the field could learn a thing or two for Andrew’s tips and tricks that he sprinkles throughout the videos.


These videos are very clear to a beginner like myself. I am comfortable with Maya but this site helps me take it to another level. I enjoy Andrew’s method of blocking characters and no-nonsense rigging techniques. In this new world of character production you have to be very fast and very good; these classes will get you there.


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C3dC: General Pages

Course Running Time (2:58 hrs)

Maya: Generalist Intermediate

Course Running Time (43:48 hrs)

Learn the whole 3d character pipeline with this course designed to take you efficiently through modelling, rigging, surfacing, lighting and animation. Build and animate your own characters here…
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Video Introduction

ZooTools Biped Proxy Rig (1:23 hrs)

1.1: Fast: Building (3:06 mins)
1.2: Fast: Control Setup (2:01 mins)
1.3: Fast: Rebuild (3:26 mins)
2.1: Zanzi Rig Demo (2:22 mins)
2.2: Nat Rig Demo (1:55 mins)
2.3: Croc Rig Demo (2:32 mins)
2.4: Skeleton Builder (3:37 mins)
3.1: Zoo Proxy Files (0:54 mins)
3.2: Matching Skeleton (2:27 mins)
3.3: Basic Skinning (1:52 mins)
3.4: Rig Build (0:47 mins)
3.5: Replace WC Controls (2:13 mins)
4.1: Adjust Pivot Placement (1:44 mins)
4.2: Rebuild Rig (1:27 mins)
4.3: Customize Own Controls (1:58 mins)
4.4: WC Curve Exceptions (1:36 mins)
4.5: RGB Control Colors (2:49 mins)
5.1: Trigger UI Connect (1:39 mins)
5.2: About Trigger UI (1:41 mins)
5.3: UI Camera (1:24 mins)
5.4: Hide Change UI Colors (1:16 mins)
5.5: UI Select Priority (1:14 mins)
5.6: Publish UI (1:54 mins)
6.1: Tweak Trig Intro (1:02 mins)
6.2: Triggers In Outliner (0:59 mins)
6.3: Tweak Triggers (1:16 mins)
6.4: Custom UI Intro (1:23 mins)
6.5: Build Custom UI (1:15 mins)
6.6: Custom UI Names (1:56 mins)
6.7: Custom UI Connect (1:26 mins)
6.8: Zoo Tools Trigger Setup (1:57 mins)
6.9: Rgt Clk Menus (2:07 mins)
7.1: Customise Rig Intro (1:11 mins)
7.2: Reparent Grps (1:45 mins)
7.3: Attrs Note (1:05 mins)
8.1: Head Orient Fix (1:12 mins)
8.2: Spine Proxy Note (1:28 mins)
8.3: Finger Proxy Setup (1:18 mins)
8.4: Limb Ratios (1:58 mins)
8.5: Foot Proxy Setup (1:01 mins)
9.1: Change Jnt Counts (2:32 mins)
9.2: Hiding Proxies (1:48 mins)
9.3: Jnt Count Rig Setup (1:26 mins)
10.1: Skinning Twists (1:18 mins)
10.2: Twist Skin Workflow (1:39 mins)
11.1: Zoo Proxy Grps Explained (3:32 mins)
11.2: Proxy Display Layers (1:29 mins)
Video Introduction

Zoo Custom Controls (1:38 hrs)

1.1: Intro SkBuilder (0:52 mins)
2.1: Build Orient PTail (1:30 mins)
2.2: PTail Controls (2:21 mins)
2.3: Skin PTail (0:27 mins)
2.4: Create Reparent Grp (1:07 mins)
3.1: Horn Joints (2:27 mins)
3.2: Mirror Controls (1:56 mins)
3.3: Switch Control Shapes (1:38 mins)
4.1: Belt Intro (1:04 mins)
4.2: Belt Joint Orient (2:47 mins)
4.3: Name Belt Joints (0:35 mins)
4.4: Mirror Belt Orient (2:07 mins)
4.5: Belt Controls (1:04 mins)
5.1: Follicles Explained (1:08 mins)
5.2: Follicles Belt (1:10 mins)
5.3: Mirror Follicles (1:34 mins)
5.4: Parent Belt Cntrls (1:20 mins)
5.5: Name Follicles (0:53 mins)
5.6: Belt Folli Cnst (2:54 mins)
5.7: Belt Clean Outliner (0:44 mins)
5.8: Match Skele Issues (0:53 mins)
5.9: Belt Finish (0:46 mins)
6.1: Constraint Intro (0:48 mins)
6.2: Manual Constraint (2:42 mins)
6.3: Unbuild Constraints (0:34 mins)
7.1: Space Switch Setup (2:28 mins)
7.2: Orient Space Sw (1:36 mins)
7.3: Test Rig (1:12 mins)
7.4: Constraint Summary (0:57 mins)
8.1: Setup Pair Mirror (1:15 mins)
8.2: Mirror Plane Setup (2:39 mins)
8.3: World Space Mirror (0:36 mins)
8.4: Pair Chain Setup (1:05 mins)
8.5: Sel Order Importance (2:25 mins)
8.6: Mirroring Pair Chains (2:13 mins)
9.1: Single Scene Setup (0:59 mins)
9.2: Single Relationship Create (1:24 mins)
9.3: Extra Information (2:30 mins)
10.1: Custom Setup Pairs (0:52 mins)
10.2: Mirror Plane Setup (0:50 mins)
10.3: Pony Tail Fix (1:53 mins)
10.4: Selection Order (0:51 mins)
10.5: Belt Fix (1:18 mins)
10.6: Full Character Mirror (0:56 mins)
11.1: Select Set Create (2:02 mins)
11.2: Zoo Select Sets (1:31 mins)
11.3: Sets With Rig (2:02 mins)
12.1: Connection Intro (3:10 mins)
12.2: Add Atrtributes (1:33 mins)
12.3: Connect Vis (1:51 mins)
12.4: Batch Connect Attr (1:40 mins)
12.5: Attr To Rig (3:02 mins)
12.6: Finalising Rig (2:20 mins)
13.1: Zanzi Example Timelapse (16:05 mins)

Generalist Advanced

Course Running Time (3:42 hrs)

Advanced classes for Character-Generalists. This supplemental course takes you through advanced topics related to 3d character creation…
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ZBrush Dragon Surface (3/3) (1:37 hrs)

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